Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pickle Dick Q&A with Chris Murray


PPD: Where are you from and how long have you had a crush on Nicks sister Big Rach?
CM: Vernon, NJ and 25 years.

PDD: Top 3 places to take a poop?
CM: Work, The Den, and Exxon on 206 in Bridgewater.

PDD: Whats the best part of staying at The Den?
CM: Unlimited snacks in the garage… great for late night cig trips… you can drink BJs Dads beer… and the pillow with the bear on it…

PDD: Tell me what it was like to make No Way Jose?
CM: Fun. It was essentially me and Ant.  Dan edited his part.  Nobody else really had a say in songs or how it was edited but we had a good time making it and it was just a bunch of homies we skated with at the time.

PDD: How was filming for it? Any fun trips?
CM: Well back when we were filming for it  I was the first of my friends to have their license. So every sunday we would goto Bergen County and basically skate a bunch of random spots.  Every once and a while we would take a trip to Philly or New York City. It was  a lot of Bro-Cam footy.  Basically anybody down to get a trick at the spot we would film.  It was good times.

PDD: Who's got the best casper flip in the game?
CM: This Guy… Um i dunno…

PDD: So you'd consider yourself a Casperholic?
CM: Yes.  I like to set up turn tables at the bottom to the gaps i skate if thats what you mean.

PDD: How bout that time you had a panic attack on the way to the Orange Bowl?  What happened there?
CM: Ugh for a little while i had really bad anxiety and was supposed to take a bunch of meds and i decided not to take them.  On the way there on RT 80 while we were listening to "Feel So Good" by Ma$e I just basically freaked out and had a super panic attack.  I made Zajac pull into a gas station and I took a hand full of Klonopin.  I started to calm down but by the time i got to the bowl i was so fucked i dropped in and fell on my face and couldn't feel my body for the rest of the night.

PDD: Top 5 Tallboys?
CM: Yuengling, PBR, High Life, Gennessee, and Mike Harder Grape Punch

PDD: Person you skate with that consistently blows your mind and why?
CM: Rozbo. Because every time I skate with him he randomly learns new tricks and then the next time we go out he has it perfect in the middle of a line like its nothing.

PDD: Favorite curb to have a sesh on?
CM: It's a toss up. Yacht Club,  Totowa Manny Pad, and Sussex A&P.

PDD: "Last Words" factor?
CM: Murray me with my money…

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