Friday, October 28, 2011

Julius' Foto Fridays

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VX1000 Mk1

Tariq Bs 5-0

Greg trying to get some footy


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Domestics X Holmes Demo Clip

Domestics Clothing and Holmes & Co. Demo @ Jersey City Rink

featuring Fred Gall, Steve Durante, Bobby Izzo, Tyler Hart, Brendan Grandstrand, RJ Finnegan, Chase Whitaker, and more...

filmed and edited by Jay Hoban
additional filming Greg Lane

Friday, October 21, 2011

Julius' Foto Fridays

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Chuckie Front Smith

Tariq BS Feeble

Tariq FS Blunt

Hunter Hardflip

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pickle Dick Q&A with Chris Murray


PPD: Where are you from and how long have you had a crush on Nicks sister Big Rach?
CM: Vernon, NJ and 25 years.

PDD: Top 3 places to take a poop?
CM: Work, The Den, and Exxon on 206 in Bridgewater.

PDD: Whats the best part of staying at The Den?
CM: Unlimited snacks in the garage… great for late night cig trips… you can drink BJs Dads beer… and the pillow with the bear on it…

PDD: Tell me what it was like to make No Way Jose?
CM: Fun. It was essentially me and Ant.  Dan edited his part.  Nobody else really had a say in songs or how it was edited but we had a good time making it and it was just a bunch of homies we skated with at the time.

PDD: How was filming for it? Any fun trips?
CM: Well back when we were filming for it  I was the first of my friends to have their license. So every sunday we would goto Bergen County and basically skate a bunch of random spots.  Every once and a while we would take a trip to Philly or New York City. It was  a lot of Bro-Cam footy.  Basically anybody down to get a trick at the spot we would film.  It was good times.

PDD: Who's got the best casper flip in the game?
CM: This Guy… Um i dunno…

PDD: So you'd consider yourself a Casperholic?
CM: Yes.  I like to set up turn tables at the bottom to the gaps i skate if thats what you mean.

PDD: How bout that time you had a panic attack on the way to the Orange Bowl?  What happened there?
CM: Ugh for a little while i had really bad anxiety and was supposed to take a bunch of meds and i decided not to take them.  On the way there on RT 80 while we were listening to "Feel So Good" by Ma$e I just basically freaked out and had a super panic attack.  I made Zajac pull into a gas station and I took a hand full of Klonopin.  I started to calm down but by the time i got to the bowl i was so fucked i dropped in and fell on my face and couldn't feel my body for the rest of the night.

PDD: Top 5 Tallboys?
CM: Yuengling, PBR, High Life, Gennessee, and Mike Harder Grape Punch

PDD: Person you skate with that consistently blows your mind and why?
CM: Rozbo. Because every time I skate with him he randomly learns new tricks and then the next time we go out he has it perfect in the middle of a line like its nothing.

PDD: Favorite curb to have a sesh on?
CM: It's a toss up. Yacht Club,  Totowa Manny Pad, and Sussex A&P.

PDD: "Last Words" factor?
CM: Murray me with my money…